Friday, December 11, 2009

Version 0.6.9 is released

Version 0.6.9 includes a feature that hopefully will make you scream with joy.

Finally it is possible to correct erroneous values directly from Flat File Checker with out going to any text editors or MS Excel.

Lets see how it works:

1) After the validation was complete we open the data error list () :

2) Change one or more values directly in the grid:

Now few things are new on this form

  • changed values are highlighted with blue background;
  • message in the left-bottom conner tells how many values were changed;
  • "Apply Changes" button allows to apply corrections done in the form to the original data files.
3) After we click on "Apply Changes" button few things will happen:
  • Corrected values will disappear from the errors list;
  • "Apply Changes" button itself  will disappear or become disabled;
  • Message will show the status of file update:

Hope this new feature will streamline the work with data in flat files even more!

Windows installer can be downloaded here.