Saturday, September 18, 2010

Preview Data with Error Highlighting

Data Error Preview and Error Highlighting are new features that will make application much easier to work with. This functionality allows to test data rules in the intuitive way plus it allows to test calculated columns.

This post shows how this new functionality can be used.

1. Preview delimited text data file before it is added to the schema:

Drag & drop sample data file into the new schema and click on the Preview Data button at the bottom of the File Definition from:
Figure 1. File Details Form
This will open data preview form:
Figure 2. Data Preview Form
2. Test rules after the validation has been run

Add rules to you schema and click on Run Checks button. After execution is complete right click on the file in the in the main form of the application and select Preview in the pop-up menu. This will bring the same form with errors being highlighted:
Figure 3. Data Preview with Highlights
If you have calculated columns in you file they will appear in the right-end of the table highlighted blue if value is correct or  light violet if it contains error (see column DaysBetween in Figure 3 above).